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Bug #70: Stencil Shadow Prob: Meshes outside view frustram
TV3D SDK 6.2
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Current State:
In Progress
Created On:
May 23rd, 2004
Last Modified:
May 24th, 2004
Reported By:
This is a little hard to describe...

A mesh that renders a shadow but is located outside the visible view will put the shadow in the wrong place when the mesh gets a certain distance from the camera. This only happens as the (unseen) mesh moves about 100 units from the camera origin. Pointing the camera at the mesh so we can now see it restores the shadow to the correct location.

This problem actually occurred in 6.2 and I don't think it was present in 6.1 or before. It is noticeable to me in my lunar lander game. If I leave the planet, the descent stage mesh is sitting on the planet and is NOT visible looking through the cockpit window only its shadow. Upon launch, for the first 100 feet (same as units) or so the descent stage shadow is visible and correct. Then it suddenly races across the planet chasing the shadow of the ascent stage. This of course is from an inside view looking forward. If I use an outside view and look down at the descent stage it is rendered correctly with the shadow in the correct location. This phenomenon seems to be distance triggered because the descent stage is actually a mesh made of many pieces. As each piece reaches that magic distance the shadow of that piece breaks from the main shadow and races away. The effect is that the descent stage seems to explode as the legs all pop off first (they are farthest away).

Thanks for looking into it...


Ron Monsen


Posted by Yevgeni on May 23rd, 2004 at 12:44 PM
i think he fixed it.. ask him or me in the irc for the new dll