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Bug #256: Camera Bug
TV3D SDK 6.2
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Current State:
Created On:
October 21st, 2004
Last Modified:
October 21st, 2004
Reported By:
There are two problems I am seeing with the TVCamera class.


When setting the look at value of the camera, there is a problem if the angle passes PI / 2 (for an example, load tutorial #6 - Move in the room). Comment out both of the lines that restrict the camera movement, these lines are:

'If sngAngleX 1.3 Then sngAngleX = 1.3
'If sngAngleX -1.3 Then sngAngleX = -1.3

When using the mouse, move it up so that you begin to look towards the floor. Keep moving the mouse up, as you pass the point where you are looking straight down at the floor, the camera will switch a complete 180 degree turn and be looking straight up at the sky.

The way to fix this is to not set the look at value of the camera. Setting the position is fine, and rotating the camera is fine. Setting the look at value causes rotation angles to be miscalculated when passing PI / 2 angle increments.


In a world I made with a bunch of non-moving asteroids, I have noticed that as I rotate the camera around the x axis, the asteroids appear to get bigger as they get nearer to the edge of the screen. They should always remain the same size, because the rotation moves the world around the view in a circle, thus all objects remain at the exact same distance from the camera... I am happy to post or email example projects of the bugs to anyone interested, email me at


Posted by intothefray on October 22nd, 2004 at 1:08 AM
I've had issues with #1 forever. I always assumed that it was intentional and the way I have my camera follow was limited. Never thought of it as a bug in the engine.

My testers hate my X rotation restriction (due to the camera flip). I'd love to be able to allow them to fly at a higher angle decent/accent.